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Ballard Basement Remodel

This basement remodel reflects the vibrant energy of the family who lives here! As regular hosts of their block’s Seattle Play Streets, they wanted a welcoming space for neighboring kids to come in, grab a snack, and hang out at the fabulously finished island. No less important was creating more space for the family: a son on the brink of his teen years needing his own bedroom; and grandma, who spends the night once every week.

The tween’s bedroom has a custom built-in loft bed taking advantage of the deep wall at the window. To make sure grandma has a place of her own, a Murphy bed was installed in what would otherwise have been “dead space”.  The laundry was moved to make way for the new bathroom. 

Careful design and planning were put into where to conceal the “stuff of life.” The homeowners wanted as much storage as possible using doors to hide it all away. There are a few exceptions to this ethos of concealment. The electric bicycle needed a home, so an apple-ply alcove was built, providing open circulation at the island.

The original design had an enclosed stairwell, however, once demo was complete, the homeowners realized they loved how open and bright the space felt. After a few revisions, the stairwell has become a stunning design feature in the space, including custom stained wood treads—one of which seamlessly transitions to the counter top on the floating cabinets—stainless steel cable rail, and that fabulous wallpaper!

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