Chermak Construction Inc.

Somerset Home With a View

Perched high above Bellevue in the Somerset area this home boasts a spectacular west-facing view.

A well-worn deck was the first priority. The homes in this area are close to one another and surrounding decks are visible to neighbors. The solution was to expand the deck to increase the outdoor living area and create a more “private” seating area. Wood deck railing was replaced with classic aluminum vertical railing finished in black with stainless steel cable. The decking selected was a beautiful and durable Ironwood/Brazilian Walnut and it is stunning to see.

Exterior cladding was removed and the home encased with Tyvek house wrap. Window and door flashings were upgraded and tight knot 1” x 8” cedar channel siding was installed horizontally and painted. The exterior was further enhanced with a stone veneer accent along the street side of the garage and house.

The kitchen/dining areas were next. A cantilevered alcove was added to the kitchen to create a family breakfast area while European-style cabinets add an elegant Italian minimalist touch. Granite countertops with a waterfall accent, a gas cooktop and a range hood mounted flush to the ceiling remove any visual barriers from the kitchen across the dining area to the view beyond.

The contiguous dining area has a commanding view out over the deck which was restricted by a corner support wall. Special wind shear engineering allowed us to remove the support in this corner and open this space to enhance the view.

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