Pathway Design & Construction

This lovely 1912 Craftsman home, with its shingle siding and original fir floors, needed a lot of love. With a disjointed floor plan and limited egress, the thought of tearing it down and starting over was appealing. However, the idea of remodeling and reviving the long-forgotten character of the home ultimately won out. 

Working with what existed, we set out to create a unified and unfussy kitchen that provided ample light and space for two cooks within the quaint home’s small footprint. We relocated an existing bathroom and improved access to the above and below levels, though one of the biggest impacts was creating that missing connection between the home and the backyard. The aptly named "decklet” serves as a quaint gateway to the now-usable backyard. 

Stairs were relocated to the center of the house, allowing for a 12x12 continuous kitchen space with built-in pantry. Cottage-style casement windows now flank the range, providing natural light. Porcelain 3x12 tile with a craquelure glaze adds interest and old-world charm to the cheery kitchen. To help tie the project together, copper accents were used to compliment the homeowner’s beautiful copper cookware collection. Our homeowners are happy that they renovated and retained a piece of history in this ever-changing Seattle neighborhood.

Meet the Builder

Paul Kocharhook

Paul has a 25‑year history in the construction business, all the way from laborer up to owner. His long‑time commitment to eco‑friendly and healthy building practices has distinguished Pathway among the industry. Paul is a Master Certified Green Professional and recently earned a Healthy Homes for Building Professionals certification. 

A regular speaker at conferences across the country, Paul is active with the Master Builders Association, and an American Lung Association Master Home Environmentalist (MHE) volunteer. He takes that volunteer spirit into his home life as well, as a coach for many of his son’s sports teams. Paul and his wife Tracy enjoy an active family life with two children and their many extracurricular activities, including soccer, basketball, gymnastics, art projects, and more.